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Your toilet is one of the most used fixtures in your home. That’s why when it starts to malfunction it can cause a real problem.

If you have a toilet that seems to constantly cause issues such as clogging, running continuously, or it lacks flushing power, the team at Harry Clark can help. We can diagnose and repair any issues you are facing with your toilets – just give us a call!

When it comes to repairing your toilet, there are many issues that can cause your toilet to malfunction.

Most Common Toilet Issues We Repair:

Faulty Fill Valve – When you can hear your toilet running but the tank is not filling with water, you may have to replace the fill valve. To make sure that this is the problem, check to make sure the flapper is all the way closed. Sometimes the flapper simply isn’t all the way down which is letting water continue to flow out of the tank. If your flapper is all the way down and the tank isn’t filling then it may be time to replace the fill valve.

Loose or Stuck Toilet Handle – Sometimes the mounting nut is too tight which makes flushing difficult. Other times the chain from the handle to the flapper has become disconnected or has broken.

Leaky Toilet – When you are having leaking issues with your toilet, it could be caused by any of the small moving parts your toilet is made of. Many of these parts need to be replaced with usage over time. Flapper valves, fill valves, and other tank parts can all wear out and cause toilet leaks that aren’t clearly visible to the naked eye.

Running Toilet – After flushing, and the toilet bowl is full, your toilet should stop running. If your toilet continues to run often means has internal leaks, meaning that water is being dumped into the overflow and being wasted. Running toilets can be the result of a corroded overflow pipe, worn out flush valve assembly, or a broken flapper valve.

Clogged Toilets – Being one of the most common plumbing problems, homeowners reach for the trusty plunger to unclog their toilets. This may work for minor clogs, but if you are unable to unclog your toilet with the help of a plunger, or it is a recurring problem, you may need professional help to unclog your toilet.

We Also Repair:

  • Noisy Toilet
  • Phantom Flushing
  • Weak Flushing
  • Water Level in Toilet Bowl Drops
  • Dripping Tank
  • Toilet Won’t Flush Entirely
  • Water On/Around the Toilet

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When it comes to fixing issues with your toilet, you can rely on the team at Harry Clark Plumbing If you have a noisy toilet, clogged toilet, leaky toilet, or any other toilet issues, we can help. We provide our plumbing and toilet repair services throughout Oakland, Berkeley, CA, and the surrounding areas. Contact us to schedule your toilet repair service today!

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I've been using Harry Clark for few years and always have a great experience with their plumbing and heating services. Last week I had a bad leak under my kitchen sink, the plumber came on time and was very professional, fixed the leak and tested a couple times. I highly recommended this company their prices are fair and they are reliable.
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