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Mystery Plumbing Leaks and Repairs in Oakley & Berkeley Areas

Mystery plumbing leaks in your bathroom may be hard to detect if you are unsure of what you are looking for. You can have leaks coming from the sink, toilet and shower or tub in multiple places. Some leaks are harder to notice than others but even a minor leak can end up causing major damage.

If you have noticed a spike in your water bill, there is a possibility you may have an undetected water leak. Contact our team for an inspection and for efficient leak repair and plumbing services.

Signs of Plumbing Leaks

  • A few signs to look for when determining the source of the mystery leaks are:
  • Visible mold spots on the walls near the tub/shower
  • Curling or loose flooring next to the tub
  • Stains on the ceiling above the shower
  • Puddles or dampness
  • Mold or mildew
  • Peeling Wallpaper or paint
  • Damaged walls (stained or warped without reason)
  • Damaged flooring (cracks, stains, buckling for no reason)
  • Musty or earthy smell


All these signs point to a definite water leak issue in your home. The best course of action is a quick repair that can reduce water damage and save you money in the long term.

Repairing Plumbing Leaks

At Harry Clark Plumbing & Heating, our experienced team uses a variety of leak detection methods to inspect your bathroom for leaks. This way we can pinpoint where the mystery leak is coming from and repair it!

We offer plumbing repair and services all over Berkeley, Oakland, Alameda, Albany, Castro Valley, Concord, Hayward, East Bay, El Cerrito, Fremont, Moraga, Orinda, Piedmont, Richmond, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Union City, Walnut Creek, CA and surrounding communities. Request service online or call us at 510-444-1776 today!

Karen F. - Oakland, CA
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I've been using Harry Clark for few years and always have a great experience with their plumbing and heating services. Last week I had a bad leak under my kitchen sink, the plumber came on time and was very professional, fixed the leak and tested a couple times. I highly recommended this company their prices are fair and they are reliable.
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