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Knowing When To Repipe Your Home

Bringing in a trusted plumber will help determine whether or not the pipes in your plumbing system need to be replaced.

You may have turned the faucet on and see brown water came out! Yuck! You check your pipes and see visible signs of corrosion and realize that you may need your plumbing pipes replaced. Don’t wait to call Harry Clark. Our technicians can come to your home to look over your piping system.

Some Key Signs to Look for When Determining If You Need Your Pipes Repiped:

  • Exposed Pipes Have Corrosion such as discoloration and flaking
  • Brown or Yellow Discolored Water
  • Frequent Leaks
  • Water Pressure Is Reduced

Having a trained plumbing technician come to your home to inspect the pipes will help determine what pipes are appropriate. Different piping systems work for different types of home foundations, age and more.

There are many benefits to replacing your plumbing pipes. It will help save you money on utilities, reduce stress, lower water leakages and have health benefits.

Call the plumbing experts at Harry Clark Plumbing in for work today! We proudly service throughout Oakland and Berkeley. CA!


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